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Thursday, February 18, 2010

With his confidence running high, the boxing public weighs in on Joshua Clottey

Joshua Clottey could probably be forgiven for being a little frustrated at this moment in his career. Despite having a dream showdown with WBO Welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao right around the corner, the Accra, Ghana native reportedly hasn’t had the smoothest of training camps for the bout. The problems seem to stem from Clottey’s trainer being denied his visa in order to make the trek to America, making the former champion’s seemingly uphill battle against Pacquiao even more of a task.

Clottey is currently training at Contender’s Gym in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The facility is run by former two-time champion John David Jackson, who has had a chance to see Clottey’s regimen in person. Jackson claims that despite the confusion in Clottey’s corner it is obvious he is priming himself for the March 13th contest to the best of his abilities.

In a recent BoxingScene interview with Ryan Burton, Clottey spoke not like a man distracted but instead like someone fully appreciative of the opportunity he has been given. Clottey has seen his share of hard luck in the past and simply seemed to take the absence of his trainer as best he could. Clottey also opened up on how important the fight is to his country and gave his thoughts on Freddie Roach’s remarks that Pacquiao would score a knockout. All the while Clottey strayed away from any trash talk and his confidence in his abilities seemed to be genuine.

Wanting to get a further feel for what everyone has to say about Clottey’s recent confusion with his corner and his chances against Pacquiao next month I gathered up some choice comments from some select forums and message boards online. In their own words, this is what the public is saying about Joshua Clottey

(Biolink @ BoxingScene.com)… “But on the real, I was thinking about the fight, and I do see Pacquiao having a tough time initially. If Clottey doesn't get Pac out of there within the 1st 5 though, its pretty much a wrap for him”

(RedBlackAttack @ InsideHoops.com)… “Clottey has the same propensity to find ways to lose fights as Cintron. His heart has also been questioned on more than one occasion. By all accounts, he should have beaten Cotto, but he inexplicably decided to coast in the second half of the fight. He has had opportunities to become a really elite fighter and he has failed each time. That is why I don't put him on the level of Floyd, Pac and Shane. Clottey MIGHT be a Top 5 welterweight... Shane, Floyd, Pac, Cotto are all ahead of him and probably Berto, too. I don't remember a guy that is No. 6 in a division getting these kinds of accolades.”

(BJ* @ BoxingFanatics.com)… “the sports radio station was giving away fight tix today...they kept saying "whoever this clottey guy is", "pacquaio's next victim i guess"..."enter now for a chance to see Pacquaio against some guy named Clottey"...it almost makes me want to give Clottey a chance”

(Emeritus @ EastSideBoxing.com)… “The chips are stacked against him! I hope he can come through and put in a good showing if he were to win, man that would be incredible!”

(Drunken Cutman @ BadLeftHook.com)… “I'm fascinated by the style matchup in this fight. but also by their different physical gifts and features. This would be a damn good fight.”

(Left Hook Yuri @ BoxingScene.com)… “Pac will prison rape Clottey. This is a f***** mismatch.200k that Clottey doesn't win 2 rounds”

(DonDadda59 @ InsideHoops.com)… “Good for Joshua, he's been in wars with the likes of Zab Judah, Margarito, Cotto, Corrales, etc. He earned this big pay day and opportunity for Manny's belt. Guy is tough, technically sound, and has a granite chin. He also comes into his fights at around 170, so it's a tall order for WaPakman, this isn't a 'tuneup' in the least, this is a serious championship fight. Nice replacement”

(Xplosive @ BoxingFanatics.com)… “Clottey wont win.... he'll choke as always.”

(NeckBreaknAiken @ EastSideBoxing.com)… “Absolutely not. Clottey is gonna whip that boy's ass with or without his trainer. I just feel bad that he won't be here to witness it in person.”

(BabyBull1289 @ BadLeftHook.com)… “If Clottey fights his perfect fight (rounds 1-4 of his fight with Margarito, the middle rounds of his fight with Cotto and the final rounds of his fight with Castillo), I still think he has an uphill battle. How many rounds would have have to win to win a decision? 9? 10? That said, this will be the best defensive fighter Pac has ever fought. Defense may win championships but it doesn’t win boxing matches. Clottey HAS to let his hands go and Manny is a tough guy to pull the trigger against (ask Oscar). I want Josh to win badly but this smells like a 117-111 type win for Manny with Josh just not doing enough.”

(Marciano90s @ BoxingScene.com)… “ill go for pac for sure no doubt.but i got alot of respect for clottey so even if he wins i would be happy cuz clottey is a great fighter.but pbf vs clottey would be a no story fight.lol”

(Lebron23 @ InsideHoops.com)… “Joshua Clottey is way better than Foreman, Malignalli, and Hatton. It's going to be the toughest fight for Pac because Clottey is a full pledge middleweight during fight night.”

(lb 4 lb @ BoxingFanatics.com)… “The stupid studio execs on ESPN actually said that Cotto wiped the floor with Clottey. F****** idiots. If they didn't see the fight they shouldn't comment on it and just not mention boxing like usual. What they should have done was discuss Pacquiao which is what they're doing anyway. They're not there to discuss boxing, they're there to talk about Pacquiao because to him and the rest of the world, he's the story, not boxing”

(BoxingHistory @ BoxingScene.com)… “Clottey will not hit the floor or get a 10 count or retire 2 days later. What's going to happen is Clottey is going to win this fight. I for one will not be shocked because I know what kind of fighter Clottey is. Everyone has jumped on the Pacman express but next month Clottey is going to derail that train. Manny will get busted up in this fight. I have no doubt about this.”

(BALLin01 @ InsideHoops.com)… “This should be a good fight. Clottey is a good opponent, wish he would have fought Mayweather instead though. This isn't going to be a walk in the park for Pac. Clottey is another big Welterweight with a good chin. Should be an amazing fight.”

(Lefty @ BoxingFanatics.com)… “Don't know, got a feeling Manny might get derailed in this fight. It's got upset written all over it.”

(check hook @ BoxingScene.com)… “He seems to be in the right place mentally and enjoying boxing. One thing that has really stuck with me lately is something Tyson says quite often, and that is that it is the fighter who really enjoys what he does, enjoys being in the ring..... is a happy fighter etc etc is the fighter that will perform and always does well, not the "surly" mean fighter. I notice with Pac and Floyd they are always smiling, joking, enjoy boxing, the atmosphere, the crowd, the fans, pressers etc....and always seem to be relaxed and really take pleaseure in what they do and they end up really performing when they get to the ring. Clottey and Shane IMO are sharing this attitude atm and hopefully it will make for 2 very good fights!!!”

(BKING @ BoxingFanatics.com)… “Pacquiao will win. Clottey will start off on the right track, or atleast be competitive, as Cotto was early on, but as Manny picks up the pace and lets his hands go more, Clottey will turn gunshy and go into a defensive shell. While he is a skillful technician, he's still pretty stationary. Pacquiao has faster hands and feet.”

(Eploos @ BadLeftHook.com)… “I love this fight, I actually wanted to see this fight for a while now , i wonder if Manny Makes Josh fight him at a catch weight, i mean he made cotto do it and they were pretty even in size, Clottey is huge for the weight, cant wait my bday is on the 13 so this is A OK with me, Margarito has my attention in a way a freak show sort of way, im curious to see if this guy was all hype filled plaster fighter, i know its sick but im sure im not alone, and yeah i would buy this on ppv,”

(Iceta Lives @ BoxingScene.com)… “It's easy to not be afraid of anybody when you know you'll keep getting rewarded for losing like he is against Pacquiao. Watch Clottey just show up for the pay check.”

(meetthefeebles @ BoxingFanatics.com)… “Clottey has the tools to win. He's a sturdy enough WW with an excellent peek-a-boo defense and solid punching fundamentals. The problem is, of course, that he always finds a way to lose the really big fights and I'd be fairly stunned if he broke with tradition and didn't do something similar here.”

(IM DAZED @ BoxingScene.com)… “Sure, Clottey might be hungry and look at this as his last chance but for a guy who was largely unknown when he fought Margarito three years ago, he's had quite a few last chances. And while he has teased, he hasn't been rise against the better opposition. On the contrary, he's come up small at the biggest moments. He had every reason to close the show with a convincing win, monster win over Cotto and took his foot off the gas--has anyone come up with a reason why yet? Not to mention the flopping. For a guy as "tough" as they come, he sure seemed...I don't know. And that's without getting into his behavior against Baldomir and the uneven performance against Margarito. I too thought he would step to the plate against Cotto. I know a pattern when I see one. Clottey has shown that he knows how to lose but doesn't have it takes to win. He's already been slapped silly at the negotiating table. Can you blame some for expecting the same in the ring”

(jameshepenstall @ BoxingScene.com)… “Clottey will be up for this one and can honestly say i think he is the hardest boxer in the world today, ive not seen him rocked by anyone (the Cotto knockdown was off balance and he wasnt hurt). Even Margarito couldnt hurt him. I f Manny KO's Clottey then ill bow to Manny and call him best fighter ever.”

(The Sneaky@ BoxingScene.com)… “Clottey was hitting Judah almost at will with the right straight and right jab and Judah is no slouch in terms of being able to slip punches and counter or get away from them. Pac was eating rights from Morrales and Marquez all night and they are not even as fast or powerful with their right hand as Clottey is and Clottey has a longer reach than both. Clottey's hand speed is very underrated. He has quick hands. Not as quick as Pac but really fast and accurate. He wasn't noticeably outspeeded by Cotto or even by Judah. Don't take my word of it. Watch his fight with Judah. If you can't see that from that fight, then I guess Clottey has no skills at all in your book.”

Author: Chris Robinson

Source: examiner.com

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  1. OT: Pacquiao will be getting back in the ring this 2016 with Timothy Bradley. Fortunately we can still see his training and fights at Manny Pacquiao Video Channel . Go check it out!


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