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Thursday, February 18, 2010

After Clottey, what’s next for Manny Pacquiao: Mayweather, Margarito, or Retirement?

Over the last few days, Pacquiao’s post-Clottey options have expanded. According to Bob Arum we could see a possible fight with Antonio Margarito; According to Freddie Roach, we could see Manny retire; and of course, there’s still the showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr. But, what will Manny actually do? Let’s examine Manny's post-Clottey options.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Out of all the options this one seems to be the least likely. Over the last week, Floyd has come out and said that he will now demand random blood testing all the way up to the fight which everyone knows that Pacquiao is against. In addition to this, Floyd also said the purse won’t be a 50/50 split if his fight with Mosley does better than the Pacquiao v. Clottey fight. This won’t sit well with Top Rank Promotions because Manny will still be the champion and the #1 rated ‘pound for pound’ boxer in the world. There’s no way that he doesn’t deserve at least an equal split.

Antonio Margarto

“We will see what happens with Margarito. But if everything turns out well and Manny wins the fight with Clottey and Margarito wins one or two more fights, then the plan would continue to put them together in November.” Bob Arum, Boxing Scene

Douglas Johnson Sacramento, CA ‘What do you think about the possible match up against Margarito?”

Honestly, I only see this fight happening if Mayweather beats Mosley and they don’t get a deal done. If Mosley wins, then you can pencil in a Mosley vs. Pacquiao fight for November or December. But, like I mentioned before, I don’t think Margarito deserves a shot against Manny. I don’t care that he thinks he can beat Manny. He’s just coming back from suspension due to cheating and he needs more time to prove that he’s worthy of a shot against PacMan.


“If Mayweather doesn’t come and fight us next time, this [Pacquiao-Clottey] could be our last one.” Freddie Roach, Boxingnews24.com

Russ Stanton Folsom, CA “Do you think Manny will really retire after Clottey match?”

I don’t see Manny retiring after this fight. He’s at his peak and can cement himself as one of the greatest fighters of All-time. He’s not just fighting for a victory; he’s also fighting for his legacy, his fans, his country, and God. I don’t see him retiring when he still has so much talent and excitement left to offer.


So, if he doesn’t retire, fight Margarito, or fight Floyd then what’s left? Mosley could still be an option even if he loses to Mayweather, if it goes to a decision then I can see a chance of Shane and Manny fighting, albeit a small chance.

Other fighters that might be an option are Yuri Foreman, Andre Berto, Timothy Bradley, and Amir Khan. Whether these fights happen or not, they still provide some intriguing match-ups that could keep Manny fighting which is better than seeing him retire.

Author: Rick Rockwell

Source: examiner.com

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