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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Timothy Bradley's promoter on Pacquiao-Clottey & Mayweather-Mosley

Alex Camponovo is the general manager of Thompson Boxing Promotions, the Southern California promotional firm that first signed Bradley and then developed him into a world class fighter. Ken Thompson, the owner of Thompson Building Materials owns the promotional firm, and takes a hands-on approach in his boxing venture, but Camponovo is his right hand man and runs the operation on a daily basis. And as a former executive for the World Boxing Hall of Fame as well the firm’s match maker, he’s an informed insider as well as a respected authority on the sport.
Camponovo has to be because along with Gary Shaw, Thompson Boxing promotes Timothy Bradley who is considered one of the best fighters in the world. Even though Bradley is the WBO 140 pound champion, he fought at 152 pounds as an amateur and is hoping to develop into a marquee attraction in the not too distant future so that he will be able to join the welterweight round robin that could be forthcoming between Mosley, Mayweather, and Pacquiao.

As a result, the outcomes of the upcoming mega fights between Pacquiao and Clottey and Mayweather and Mosley could play a role in the trajectory of Bradley’s career. Camponovo talked about the fights with the Examiner and analyzed the March 13 extravaganza between Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey, “I don’t see Clottey winning. I think it’s going to be a competitive fight for five or six rounds. I think Manny is just too much for most of the guys out there at the moment. It should be a very entertaining fight because Clottey is not a runner, and he likes to exchange. He likes to fight you. He’s always in great shape. Manny is just at a top level so I don’t think Clottey has much of a shot against him to be honest with you.”

Surprisingly Camponovo, who has been a staunch supporter of Mayweather, is picking Mosley in their fight and noted, “I really like the fight. I really like it. I’ve always been a Mosley fan. I’ve always liked him. It was hard to see the fights with Vernon and also when he wasn’t able to handle Winky Wright so I always liked Mosley. Honestly I didn’t think he was going to beat Margarito. I thought Margarito was going to be too huge and he just whipped him. Mayweather is Mayweather, but I think Mosley has the edge. I think he shows up for his big fights. So I think Mosley has a little bit of an advantage.”

Author: Brent Alderson

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