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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wild Card Talk: Pacman, Mayweather, Mosley & Khan

better fight with Manny.”
After a slight pause, Freddie thought about the implications of Mayweather fighting Pacquiao.
“If Floyd tries to push that blood test again I can tell you now that we’re not going to fight,” said Roach angrily about the possibility of Mayweather beating Mosley and setting up a match against Pacquiao. “Who does he think he is? He’s not the Nevada Commission. He’s not going to dictate to us what to do.”
On the north wall of the large room are a number of posters and photos of England’s WBA junior welterweight titleholder Amir Khan. A number of names have popped up as opponents for the super quick fighter including Juan Manuel Marquez.
“It looks like Amir is going to fight Paul Malignaggi,” says Roach, adding that Marquez does not want the fight. “It’s an interesting fight.”
Amir recently signed a promotional contract with Golden Boy Promotions that has a number of the top junior welterweights in the world like Victor Ortiz, Marcos Maidana, Nate Campbell, and Juan Manuel Marquez. Putting Khan in the middle of that makes good business sense.
“He’ll be coming over pretty soon,” said Roach of Khan.
We talk a bit more about some other things not boxing related when Pacman walked in. A few minutes later Hollywood celebrity Mario Lopez walked in too. Both talked a bit to each other. About 20 minutes later, I looked at the time and decided to return to my home base.
As we walked outside that crowd of two or three dozen people is now more than 200 strong. All have their cameras and posters ready for Pacquiao to sign.
It’s a good day. There’s no traffic on the freeways because of President’s Day.

Author: David A. Avila

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