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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Manny Pacquiao lives to honor his country, the fans, and God. Mayweather only lives for himself

Staying true to form, Manny recently commented in an interview about his desire to please not only his fellow countrymen but also boxing fans everywhere. This is a far cry from Manny’s most outspoken critic Floyd Mayweather Jr who talks about only pleasing himself. Let’s examine what each fighter recently said about the boxing fans and how important the fans are to them.

Manny Pacquiao

“I’m concerned about what I can give in terms of my performance to the people who love boxing. My concern isn’t only with myself, but with the people who buy tickets looking for a good fight. I don’t want to disappoint people with a boring fight. I feel you need to entertain the people who watch your fights. I will give my best to honor my country and boxing fans everywhere.”Without God I’m not here and that’s important to me." Manny Pacquiao, Fightfan.com

How can you not get behind a fighter who consistently talks about pleasing not only his country but the fans as well? This is the type of fighter that you try and teach young kids to be like. Manny represents qualities like humbled, respectful, dedicated, and meek. Manny doesn’t just talk about wanting to “get paid”. He talks about wanting to honor his country and the fans that pay to watch him. What more can you ask from a fighter?

Floyd Mayweather Jr

“I live for Floyd Mayweather. I don’t live for the fans. “I love the fans but I live for myself. Self preservation is first. I must be happy first before I can make anybody else happy.” FMJ, Sportsradiointerviews.com

These comments are so wrong, that it would take an entire article just to break it down. Fortunately, I did write an entire article about these comments “Floyd Mayweather Jr I live for Floyd Mayweather, I don’t live for the fans”. However, I can sum up these comments with just one word “SELFISH”.


Floyd talks about pleasing himself first where Manny says his concern isn’t only with himself.
Floyd talks about self-preservation but Manny talks about honoring the fans, his country and God.
Floyd talks about how he needs to be happy first before he can make anyone else happy. Manny says that he wants to entertain and not disappoint the fans without any conditions on himself being happy first.
Manny’s comments make you feel like he does live for the fans; Floyd flat out says he doesn’t.

Jacob Henderson Sacramento, CA “Does Floyd ever say anything nice about anyone else?”
If he’s talking about himself in the 3rd person then all he does is say nice things about someone else. He’s also says very nice things about the promoters who pay him.

Ed Snyder Sacramento, CA “How does Floyd still have any fans with all the things he says?”
I don’t know. It amazes me that people can tolerate his “gum bumping”. In the last week alone he still publicly blasts Manny Pacquiao, says he doesn’t live for the fans, and that he’s on par with Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X. In my opinion, this guy is suffering from the side effects of long term usage of Xylocaine.

Author: Rick Rockwell

Source: examiner.com

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