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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Manny Pacquiao: Speed Kills

Manny Pacquiao was all smiles as he began his workout. After stretching he started out with light shadowboxing and began to chase Ariza around the ring. Just as he would when cutting off the ring while stalking a retreating opponent, Pacquiao moved like a shark through water with deceptive speed of foot. Finally cornered, Ariza impressively leapt through the ropes to the delight of the onlookers. An impressive vanishing act not afforded to actual Pacquiao opponents.

The champ continued on and would spin and throw punches every which way as he pivoted and changed angles constantly. His faithful sidekick Buboy Fernandez was the constant victim of a surprise body attack every time Manny passed by his location on the sideline. Pacquiao would change direction suddenly as he neared the rope and end a combination of punches with a slapping swipe at his friend’s mid section.

One of these shots happened right in front of me as I looked on from behind the ropes and somewhat caught off guard I happened to gasp at the loud slapping sound as Buboy hunched over in some discomfort.

My alarm caught the champ’s attention and he looked at me with wide eyes and raised eyebrows and laughed somewhat nervously.

“Body shot!” I exclaimed. He laughed and repeated my sentiment.

“Body shot!”

Things took on a much more serious tone as Freddie Roach entered the ring. The long time ace trainer maintains a loose and carefree climate at his Hollywood stronghold along with his band of merry men, but when it comes time to enter the ring with his star pupil, he is all business.

Author: Ace Freeman

Source: fightfan.com

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