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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pacquiao’s greatness recognized in the mma community

“I think Pacquiao is going to take Clottey and I think Pacquiao is going to finish him in 6 or 7 rounds. That’s my prediction,” stated famed MMA/boxer trainer Juanito Ibarra, who shared his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao’s upcoming title defense against Joshua Clottey. Although he’s widely known for the work he did with former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Ibarra is no stranger to boxing, having once worked with future Hall of Famer Oscar De La Hoya. In fact, in somewhat of a twist, Ibarra has now been tabbed by future Hall of Famer James “Lights Out” Toney to assist him in his own transition from boxing to mixed martial arts.

According to Ibarra, Pacquiao’s accomplishments can largely be attributed to the fact that he exhibits all of the same qualities as other great champions in both boxing and mixed martial arts. “He sticks to it, his grind, his dedication and his desire. He has discipline, drive and determination, attitude and ability. I call that the 5 D’s and 2 A’s and he has that. And when you have that, it equals greatness and championship caliber,” Ibarra commented when describing what makes Pacquiao so special. “When he goes to camp, he focuses. Him and Freddie Roach have very good chemistry and that means everything to me. He listens to his coach and he learns and he does. I always say listen and do. He listens and does with Freddie, so I truly think Pacquiao is going to win this fight and I think he has a couple of more left in him, maybe with Shane and definitely with Mayweather.”

That same desire and determination that Pacquiao exhibits is the reason why Ibarra strongly believes that eventually, a fight with Mayweather will happen. “Pacquiao and Freddie are too much of a competitor to let it slip through their hands. It’s beaucoup money for everybody, no matter what the spilt is,” he added. “They are going to work it out and Pacquiao would probably retire after a fight like that. I just don’t see what he has to accomplish anymore.”

Although there are still a few non-believers in the sport of boxing, it’s nice to see that Pacquiao’s skills and accomplishments are recognized and appreciated by those outside of the sport, particularly members of other combat sports, who know what it’s like to put their life on the line every time they step into a ring or cage.

Author: Felix Strunk

Source: boxing.fighthype.com

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