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Friday, March 12, 2010

Pacquiao Makes Great Fighters Look Bad

It's amazing how it has become common play for certain boxing analysts, reporters, and writers to criticize Manny Pacquiao for fighting unworthy opponents. Due to this, the Pacquiao-Clottey fight hasn't been taken as seriously as Pacquiao's last several bouts.

Before Pacquiao faced Oscar De La Hoya, some went so far as to say it was a “ridiculous” and “pointless” match. Some experts held to the belief Pacquiao would suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of his bigger opponent. When Pacquiao signed the deal to fight Cotto, many claimed that Pacquiao couldn't stand up against a legitimate, top-notch welterweight. After Pacquiao destroyed both men, De La Hoya was “old and weight-drained” and Cotto was “damaged goods”. It might be wise of the aforementioned boxing experts to entertain the notion that Manny Pacquiao possesses the skills to make great fighters look bad.

Pacquiao's skills have been finely honed over time by his hard work, and determination. Freddie Roach has also been instrumental in helping Pacquiao develop into the elite pugilist that he has become. The completely offensive, left-handed brawler that was the young Manny Pacquiao been transformed into the ultimate boxing machine.

Manny Pacquiao has an unusual style and an uncanny ability to confuse and frustrate the best fighters in his weight class. He's keeps on his toes and forces his opponents to turn. He doesn't give them time to T-off on him. He throws such volumes of punches from such strange angles that his foes are simply unable to defend against his attacks. Eventually he breaks them down, and overwhelms them.

Pacquiao's dominating performance over Miguel Cotto has been both a blessing and a curse for him. Before that fight occurred, Joshua Clottey would have undoubtedly been considered a legitimate threat. Now many just consider him to be Pacquiao's next victim. As 8CN's Kenneth Ragpala pointed out in his article entitled “Making a Case for Joshua Clottey”, anybody who thinks Clottey is easy pickings for Pacquiao needs to reconsider the facts.

Clottey is the biggest man that Pacquiao will have ever faced and has a defense that is all but impenetrable. Joshua Clottey was considered a very good welterweight until he signed a contract to fight Manny Pacquiao.

Here's the real scoop:

1.The negotiations with Mayweather fell through. That's been well covered so we won't dredge that up again.

2. The No. 2 ranked welterweight, Shane Mosley and No. 3, Floyd Mayweather Jr. are fighting each other on May 1st. At the time the fight with Clottey was made, Mosley was expected to face Andre Berto.

3. Miguel Cotto is No. 4 in the welterweight rankings. Pacquiao has been there and done that.

4. That leaves the next best option, Joshua Clottey. What is it that is difficult to understand about this whole scenario?

Throughout Pacquiao's career, he has fought the best opposition available. Once again, he's doing just that. Clottey is legit. He's no pushover and he has a chance to upset Manny Pacquiao. However, if Pacquiao does what is expected and beats Clottey, he will undoubtedly be criticized once again for facing a lesser fighter.

Perhaps Pacquiao’s critics would like to see him face Klitschko?

Author: Lorne Scoggins

Source: 8countnews.com

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