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Friday, March 12, 2010

Pacquiao - Clottey Referree & Judges' Track Records

Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas is a magnificent facility and the Lone Star State certainly has passionate and enthusiastic fight fans.With that being said, a fear did cross my mind that the weak Texas boxing commission could screw up a fight of this magnitude when it was announced as host of Manny Pacquiao - Joshua Clottey.

Afterall, this is the same state where referee Lawrence Cole, son of state commissioner Dickie Cole, tried to help Juan Manuel Marquez in a fight by telling him he was ahead on the scorecards following an accidental headbutt against Filipino fighter Jimrex Jaca in 2006. Texas is also where Cole stopped a fight between Massachusett's Micky Ward and Texas' Jesse James Leija due to a cut Leija sustained from a Ward punch and ruled it an accidental headbutt, causing Ward to be screwed out of a decision.

Outside of Ward, it's were Gale Van Hoy saw hometown fighter Juan Diaz beating Paulie Malignaggi by a score of 118-110. Many folks thought that Malignaggi won that fight. I had it 114-144 even. Regardless, 118 - 110 was incredibly wide for a competitive fight.

So with these memories, let's take a look at the officials assigned to this weekends megafight.

Referee - Rafael Ramos

Reports from San Antonio say that the WBO wanted Cole to referee this fight. Thankfully, he won't be and Rafael Ramos will.

As a referree, Ramos worked last years stirring Texas slugfest between Juan Manuel Marquez and Juan Diaz. He's devoid of any refereeing scandals and is a 20 year veteran.

Judge - Levi Martinez

Martinez was a judge for the rematch between Beibut Shumenov and Gabriel Campillo. Shumenov won a controversial decision over Campillo in that fight. Many feel it was the worst decision of the year thus far.

The good news is that Martinez got it right. He scored the bout 117-111 for Campillo. A scorecard more in line with what most people were watching.

Judge - Nelson Vasquez

No known bad scorecards. Has Shane Mosley ahead 105-104 when he knocked out Ricardo Mayorga in the 12th round. Reasonable from my point of view.

Judge - Duane Ford

Veteran Nevada judge has worked many major fights over the years. Save for only having Chad Dawson ahead of Glen Johnson 115-113 (I had it a shutout and HBO has it 118-110), Ford is a fine choice.

Author: Peter Czymbor

Source: examiner.com

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