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Friday, January 29, 2010

The only thing that can KO Manny Pacquiao is Politics

Whether it’s in the sport of boxing or in his homeland, the only thing that can knockout Manny Pacquiao is politics. For a man that has so many God given talents, politics might not be one of them. Manny can unite a country in the ring, but can he do it outside of the ring? Well, the answer to that question depends on who you talk to. Let’s examine this further.

Politics in Boxing
It’s refreshing to see a fighter of Manny’s stature that just wants to fight the top fighters. Actually, it’s beyond refreshing, it’s almost unheard of in today’s sports. However, the negotiations between PacMan’s camp and Money Mayweather’s camp for the “Fight of the Century” crashed and burned because of politics. Politics KO’d the most anticipated fight in years; and only Politics can KO Manny in boxing. But, will the experience of this political disaster help Manny outside of the ring as he runs for political office in 2010?

Pacquiao’s Political desires

* "I have a loud voice, and I wish to use it for those who have not been heard. There are important issues that need to be addressed, and I want to shine the brightest light possible on them."..Manny Pacquiao (source: N.E. Boxing Examiner)

Well, Manny has the brightest light possible to shine on these issues. He has the sincerity and the stardom to bring change. The challenge would be, do his countrymen believe that he can bring change and be a great leader? The world has seen many great athletes try and become politicians. They had the star power and the sincerity but it didn’t translate into success. California is a perfect example of this.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is our Governor and since he took office, our state’s deficit went from dangerous to disastrous. Many people have grown to hate the man even though they were first in line to vote for him in the beginning. Robert Sanchez, Sacramento, CA “I used to love Arnold. I have all his movies and bodybuilding magazines. But, he has led this state straight down the toilet”..

However, on our local front, Sacramento Mayor, and former NBA All-Star, Kevin Johnson has been succeeding as a politician. Doug Jones, Sacramento, CA “All these critics said KJ couldn’t be a successful Mayor. Yet, look at him now. He’s making things happen.”

Personally, I still like Arnold. He’s the greatest body builder of all-time. However, he’s not a great politician. And there are a few who think that Manny shouldn’t even go down this political road and he should just withdraw his candidacy. They believe Manny would be KO’d if he tried.

Pacquiao’s Political Critics

* "No doubt, he is naturally intelligent. But, the intricacy of a congressional seat requires academic intelligence, which Pacquiao does not have nor does he have that par with Roy Chongbian, who is also running for the same seat from the Chiongbian dynasty that reigns in the province of Sarangani for over two decades now. So Pacquiao's best option is to withdraw his candidacy." Monsignor Roger Fuentes (source: Maharlikan Times)

* "Everybody has the right to run if he feels he has the calling as far as politics is concerned. That is his own personal decision but as I was mentioning to him even before when he ran against Darlene Antonino he better stay with boxing and as we can see he's really a world boxing champion, having seven weight divisions. That's where he excels. I think he should stay that way.”.. Erwin Chiongbian (source: N.E. Boxing Examiner)

The Political Knock Out
My biggest concern about Pacquiao’s political aspirations is that we will no longer get to see him as a boxer. In an interview with Examiner.com’s Brad Cooney, Manny made the following comments in response to Brad’s question of boxing while in political “office”: “Maybe I will keep on fighting.”

Maybe? Now that’s concerning news. I know that he can’t go on forever, even though some of us think he’s “immortal”, but nobody wants to see his career end sooner rather than later. If so, then Politics (and only politics) would truly KO Pacquiao.

Author:Rick Rockwell


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