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Friday, January 29, 2010

Pacquiao pulls no punches and neither do the fans

The pound for pound king, Manny Pacquiao seems fed up. Yes, he has a big fight coming up on March 13th against Joshua Clottey, but he and everyone else knows that it was supposed to have been against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Of course everyone knows by now what happened. Mayweather's demands on random blood testing threw a wrench into the planned fight, and that was that.

Recently this writer spoke with Pacquiao and got his thoughts on the Floyd Mayweather Jr saga, " I don't what his story is. I don't know why he (Mayweather) would accuse me like that." Pacquiao would go on to say, "The boxing fans and the Filipino boxing fans believe that Floyd is just making an alibi to cancel the fight, he's not ready to fight."

Mississippians chimed in with their thoughts on what Pacquiao had to say. Recently this writer toured the local Jackson, MS sports bar scene and learned that the majority of the fans favored Pacquiao. After reading this latest interview, most fans gained even more respect for Manny. David Jones of Jackson, MS is disgusted with Mayweather, and he pulled no punches, "Man this Mayweather character sure knows how to screw up a good thing. I think Manny is right, Mayweather is just afraid that he will lose. Pacquiao told it like it is, Mayweather is afraid."

During the tour in Jackson, this writer discovered that although most favored Pacquiao, not everyone did. Ricky Ranson, a Floyd Mayweather fan didn't pull any punches with his thoughts on Pacquiao. Ranson agrees that Pacquiao is a dangerous fighter, but feels that Mayweather is better, " Yea Pacquiao is doing his thing, but he never in his life ever faced someone as good as Floyd. And you know what? Maybe it's Manny that is scared. Why throw millions away because you don't want to give a little blood? What is he hiding?"
Manny Pacquiao has his theory as to why this fight didn't happen, he said it clearly yesterday, "I think he is scared to lose. I think he knows that if he fights me, he has a good chance to lose."

There are a lot of opinions on this whole Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao saga. Most favor Pacquiao, but not everyone does. Next up for Pacquiao is Joshua Clottey, and after that fight we will see if a Mayweather fight can ever get done. Time will tell what the future will hold, but one thing is clear and that is that on March 13th Pacquiao will be in action, and Floyd Mayweather will be watching.

Author: Brad Cooney

Source: examiner.com

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