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Friday, January 29, 2010

Pacquiao – Clottey “The Event” and what’s good for boxing

Pacquiao Vs. Clottey- The Event scheduled on March 13th Live from Cowboys Stadium, will be Pacquiao’s toughest fight. I have been hearing and reading that many believe that this will be an easy fight for the Pac-Man. Many are even saying that Pacquiao is going to knock out Clottey. As much as I love the Pac-Man’s fire assault that he brings, I just feel that Clottey is going to be at his very best. Clottey feels that he has been overlooked alot, a whole lot, Clottey also has been hearing that he can not step on the gas when needed. I am expecting a very determined and trigger happy Clottey to appear come March 13. Pacquiao will need to dart in and out with his blazing speed and fire out his deadly combinations. I see a very close fight that could very well go either way, the fact that Pacquiao has never met anyone close to the style of Clottey, and the fact that Clottey has never faced a anyone close to the style of Pacquiao, makes it harder to pick a winner in this one. The Event can not get here soon enough.

Allan Green to seize the Opportunity- When the Super 6 tournament was first announced, I was loving the idea, I just was not loving the idea of Allan Green not being included. With Jermain Taylor exiting the tournament, Allan Green will now make his entrance. Green will enter the tournment in April, in April Green will take on a major player on the rise in Andre Ward Live from Oaktown. Green will have his hands full with Ward, Tarvis Simms gave Green some trouble this past October, Ward, like Simms is a thinking boxer that can adjust and dig into his bag of tricks. Green, however is coming to the west coast to make a statement. Should be a great battle.

I want Gamboa/Lopez now and not later- I thought that the whole idea of pinning Lopez and Gamboa in these double headers was to pair them up to do battle this year in 2010, and not in 2011. I’m hearing that Uncle Bob stated that we can F ourselves and that he would rather build this into the greatest featherweight fight of all time. I am all for building up a pebble into a mountain, but unless Uncle Bob is planning to keep Gamboa and Lopez undefeated until the Puerto Rican Day Parade weekend of 2011, then what’s the point? I feel that both fighters are hot right now so now is the time to strike while the iron is hot. I would say that it would be best to do another double header with both fighters some time in May, then Gamboa vs. Lopez towards the end of the year. This is a fight that fans want to see, this is a fight that fans want to see now, and not 1 or 2 years from now. In order for our beloved sport to continue to bloom, we must keep watering it daily. The second we take a day off just to do what benefits Uncle Bob’s pockets the most, that is when the sport will live in it’s final days and will no longer continue to grow. I was very turned off by his comment, as you can tell. I feel that giving the fans what they want is always the way to go. Especially the hardcore Fans, the hardcore fans are the most loyal in the sport. Bob has been in this business a long time, so I know that Bob knows what he is doing. In saying that, I don’t tend to wonder much about what Bob has in store for us. The one thing that I find myself wondering about these days is, What will Bob then do when Chris John and Celestino Caballero join forces to run a smear campaign on Gamboa/Lopez 2011? Is keeping Gamboa and Lopez far away from John and Caballero in Bob’s plans? I sure hope not, because that would also be cheating out the fans out of great potential fights.

author: Albert Alvarez

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