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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Pacquiao-drug-issue Advocates: Envious or Just Plain Stupid?

Tungod, Inabanga, Bohol– The moment Pretty Old Floyd Mayweather Sr. opened his unusually huge mouth to express his appreciation of Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao’s almost unbelievable (especially to the Mayweatherfamily) achievements following the Pinoy pug’s destruction of top welterweight Miguel Cotto – a bewildered appreciation resulting to reprehensible malice at that, Pacquiao misanthropists immediately jumped into thebasket in an effort to spoil the bun. A great opportunity to try to pull the poor Pinoy down was too good of a chance to pass up on. Hence, the usual suspects surfaced.

In this piece, we are going to discuss some points that might help us determine whether it’s envy that’s driving these people to continue to push for this issue or just plain stupidity.

Let’s jumpstart with Paulie Malignaggi’s recent interview with Oliver Suarez of www.sportzhypeboxing.com. Magic Man was quoted as saying “No one moves up in weight and takes punches that easy from bigger guys. Not even superman..No one can beat Pacquiao if he’s fighting like a superhero, would be a tough fight.”Quite apparently, he’s still at awe… mesmerized… and perplexed. I’m not surprised at how significantly he’s undervalued Pac’s innate talent, skills and ability to take a punch, though… can’t you see? He doesn’t even respect superman’s toughness! LOL! Quite frankly, Magic Man is way over his head on this drug issue.

Then there was the great (pretender?)know-it-all Teddy Atlas reporting on ESPN about an incriminatingemail that he’s not even sure existed. Now, the heavy burden of proof rests profoundly on his shoulders. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll just post hereunder an electronic parody created by www.forum.philboxing.com resident artist Art Garcia.

Dennis “dSource” Guillermo recently reported about Roger Mayweather’s extremely comical interview regarding the same issue. “That mother***** (Pacquiao) is on the A-side meth, that’s what the f*** he’s on,” “It’s called the A-side meth. He on that or he on something else. The A-side methis what they used to have 500 years ago. Remember when the Philippines were fightingthe US soldiers? They were shooting them motherf****s with 45s. And 45s were bouncing off their motherf****ng a$$. They weren’t even dying,” Roger Mayweather was quoted as saying. Guillermo more than satisfactorily refuted Pretty Uncle Mayweather’s wild accusations in his article “Pacquiao-Mayweather steroids of drama takes a comedic turn.”


In all sincerity, these accusations are nothing short of ridiculous. Come to think of it… if we are going to take these allegations seriously just because of the idea that Pacquiao has successfully moved up in weight with relative ease, then we might as well question the legitimacy and greatness of Duran, De La Hoya, Armstrong, and even Robinson, just to name a few. If these people only learn to give credence to the fact that Pacquiao is among if not the most disciplined and hardworking athletes when it comes to training, then they’d almost certainly embrace Pacman’s greatness and in the process save themselves some embarrassment. Just curious, has any of these guys actually witnessed Pacquiao train? Haven’t these guys heard that Pacquiao is always having much bigger guys, even middleweights, as sparring partners? Have they seen Pacquiao repeatedly beaten by a wooden stick? Perhaps, they should try it, too. Furthermore, if their purpose is to demean the Filipino firebomb in an otherwise concerted attempt to pull him down, then they have failed… miserably… and by the looks of it, might even have propelled Pacquiao to far greater heights. The tickets to the Pacquiao – Clottey showdown have already been sold out, haven’t they?

Now that all’s been said and done, one question lingers. What’s really driving these guys to continue pushing for this Pacquiao-on-drugs issue? I can only think of two possibilities… or perhaps the combination of both.

Author:Reylan Loberternos

Source: sportales.com

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