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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Freddie Roach exclusive: Manny Pacquiao wants to fight Mayweather ‘in the worst way’

Freddie Roach Telegraph Sport exclusive interview: Part 4
Manny Pacquiao wants to fight Floyd Mayweather Jnr “in the worst way”, according to Freddie Roach, who has told Telegraph Sport that Pacquiao “wants to shut him [Mayweather] up.”

“I want the public to know that,” Roach told me. Pacquiao has been angered by slurs on his name and behind the scenes is determined to enact vengeance with the world as referee.

Roach is also looking ahead to some fights which may happen, he believes, in 2010. “Hatton v Marquez, Hatton v Amir, there are some great fights out there. Last year was my best year ever, and I’m hoping 2010 will be an even better year.”

But the fight he really wants to see is the one most boxing fans, and many casual sports fans, believe must happen. Roach certainly does – believing that boxing’s global credibility “could go into recession again” if the fight fails to materialise.

Roach revealed that in spite of the delay to what many believe will be the inevitable fight of the year – PACQUIAO v MAYWEATHER – some of his research into Mayweather’s technique and style had already been undertaken. That is, of course, now on hold with Pacquiao facing Joshua Clottey in Artlington, Texas, on March 13.

“When fight time [with Mayweather] eventually comes around…we’ll have the perfect game plan. There are I’ve found some things he does really well. He’s good. Whatever personal things there are…I talk **** about him, he talks **** about me, but I think have respect for each other.”

“I like Floyd Jr. I have no problems with his b******, or trash talk, it sells fights, but if we get him in a ring, we’ll beat him. I studied him. He sucks you in, he let Ricky Hatton win a couple of rounds, gave Hatton confidence, let Hatton come after him, and Hatton was all set up. You have to be very, very intelligent when you fight him.”

TOMORROW: Final part – Roach breaks down Mayweather…

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