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Monday, March 1, 2010


Pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao wants to promote the mandatory rematch between WBC light flyweight champion Rodel Mayol and challenger and former champion Omar Nino Romero of Mexico.

Pacquiao’s adviser Michael Koncz, who handles Mayol together with Pacquiao, told us they are hoping they can maybe even put the Mayol-Omar Nino Romero rematch on the undercard of Pacquiao’s next fight after “The Event” against Joshua Clottey in Dallas on March 13.

Koncz said he was also hoping that the fight would go to a purse bid so they could hopefully win and stage the title fight in the United States.

But while the Mayol camp appeared pleased that he retained his title after his fight with Nino Romero was declared a technical draw, the Mexican’s handlers cried foul. Promoter Hector Garcia who had earlier petitioned the WBC to force Mayol to abide by the options Garcia had for a fight in Mexico after the Filipino won the title with a stunning but controversial 2nd round TKO over Edgar Sosa, was reportedly livid and expressed his frustrations with Mayol.

Robert Coster quoted Garcia as calling Mayol “a comedian who just laid on the mat to keep his title without fighting like a champion should” even as he claimed that Nino Romero was “robbed of a legitimate victory.”

However, the video of the controversial third round clearly showed that Nino Romero hit Mayol with a low blow and when Mayol dropped his hands and moved away in pain, looking at referee Vic Drakulich, the Mexican hit him flush on the jaw with a left hook that knocked Mayol out cold.

The video also showed Drakulich was not in the right position to intervene after the low blow and was trying to pull Nino Romero back when the Mexican stepped on Mayol’s foot and threw the punch that dropped him.

There was confusion after the ring announcer declared Nino Romero the winner by TKO but the WBC whose top official at the fight was secretary general Mauricio Sulaiman, declared the fight a technical draw and ordered a mandatory rematch.

Dr. Ed De La Vega who was acting as Mayol’s cutman spoke to respected WBC ring physician Dr. Allan Recto who informed us that that “ After taking the mouthpiece out, Dr. De La Vega checked the airway, breathing and circulation (ABC’s) as well as Mayol’s pupil reactions for any signs of brain injury. “Thank God, there were none,” he narrated. “Mayol wanted to get up, but I told him to stay down. A cervical collar was placed for to protect him from further injuries. When the ring physician stepped in, we requested for an ambulance to take Rodel Mayol quickly to the hospital and be checked thoroughly as precaution. Imaging studies (CT scan/MRI) were done and everything came back normal. I also checked his neck and jaw but everything’s fine.”

Dr. Recto also said he spoke to Mayol’s wife Lira who assured him that the current world-boxing champion was in great physical condition. Later, Mayol told Dr. Recto “I’m okay now. I’m feeling well.”

Mayol recalled that after Nino Romero hit him with a low blow he was “in a lot of pain. I heard the referee shout, “Stop!” I faced sideways to avoid his punches. The referee wasn’t able to stop him when he delivered the left hook that hit me.”

When it was pointed out by Dr. Recto that a fighter is supposed to defend himself at all times and wanted to know whether Mayol forgot about that, he replied “No! The referee was already going to our side. He tried to stop the action but Omar Nino still charged. I wanted to jump up and down because of the excruciating testicular pain. I did not anticipate Omar Nino would deliver a foul punch. I did not see his hook coming.

Mayol said he felt the Mexican should have been disqualified, claiming “it was an intentional foul or deliberate punch after a foul (low blow). However, it’s quite okay as I am able to keep my belt. I wasn’t able to dodge his left hook that caught me by surprise.”

Mayol stressed he wants a rematch adding “I feel I could knock him out next time. His punches are not that strong. I did not feel his power at all. I wanted to tire him out then try to KO him in the later rounds.”

Mayol said “I did prepare well for this fight. I trained really hard and was in my best condition. I wanted to knock Omar Nino out. It did not turn out, however, the way I wanted the fight to finish. I will be more aggressive next time, if there’s a rematch. I want to impress the Filipino boxing fans and make them happy. I want to thank them for supporting me and praying for my win.”

Author: Ronnie Nathanielsz

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