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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its Official, Pacquiao Doesn't Want To Share The Ring With Mayweather

By Tyler Curtis

It is official Manny Pacquiao does not want to fight Floyd Mayweather Junior. The whole blood testing debacle put the thought into my head but hey if he doesn’t want to do it then he doesn’t have to. He didn’t take the fight and moved on to Joshua Clottey.

Disappointing that he couldn’t get a deal done with Mayweather but it is what it is and we actually got a good fight in Mayweather against Mosley.

I digress though, after seeing Pacquiao sit in a doctor's office and get blood taken, there is no reason for him to not be fighting Mayweather.

He said testing was going to be to close to the fight and that he was afraid of needles. There is nothing in that video that would point to the fact that he is afraid of needles. In fact he looked very comfortable giving blood. He also stated that Mayweather was asking for the blood to be taken to close to the fight.

His fight with Clottey happens in 18 days and never once did he complain about giving blood for this fight.

Mayweather proposed a 14 day no testing window before the fight. Four days is the difference in this proposal and the blood testing that Pacquiao complied with for the Clottey fight.

I am not a world champion boxer and never will be, but is four days a reason to blow the biggest fight in boxing?

Freddie Roach said he would allow Pacquiao to take blood testing a week before the fight. Pacquiao nixed that idea.

The thing that strikes me the most is that Pacquiao still talks about had badly he wants Mayweather and how he wants to shut him up. The chance to shut up Mayweather was at the tip of his fingers but he didn’t seal the deal.

Without question he took the easy way out and took a fight with the tough, durable Clottey but someone who is limited. Clottey can’t outbox Pacquiao, he can’t out power him, and he can’t out speed him. On top of all of that his defense isn’t exactly the best around.

Mayweather can outbox and out speed Pac-man. He is also the best defensive fighter of this generation. Pacquiao hasn’t faced a boxer this good ever.

Love him or hate him Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the best pure boxer of this generation. He is as slick as they come and Pacquiao hasn’t faced a fighter like him since Juan Manuel Marquez in 2008 and we know how that turned out.

He has faced straight ahead come at you guys since then and has looked like the greatest of all time. Clottey has come out and said “I plan to go right at him. There’s no way he’s chasing me around the ring.” This is exactly what Pacquiao and Roach want. They know this will keep the hype train rolling and people will continue to praise him.

Pacquiao isn’t afraid to get into the ring with Mayweather but he doesn’t want to. He knows the challenge that Mayweather is.

He is a big, fast, defensive wizard who is hard to hit. Mayweather doesn’t throw a million punches but when he does they land. Pacquiao is a one of a kind talent and I have no doubts that he would push Mayweather and would have a great shot of beating him.

The last thing I am going to say is Mayweather has been known to duck opponents and maybe he knew Pacquiao wouldn’t agree to the terms so that’s why he proposed them. As far as image right now Mayweather looks a lot better. He lost a big fight and he took a fight against Mosley that in my humble opinion is a harder fight.

I am a fan of Pacquiao and Mayweather, they are both great talents and should be appreciated while they are here. So before you accuse me of being a fan of one or the other think twice because I watch both fighters and root for both of them.

All I am saying is right now is Pacquiao looks like he is afraid to step into the right to make one of the best fights of this generation happen. The beauty of it all is Pacquiao isn't even the bad guy in this all.

Everyone will blame Mayweather because the perception is that he ducks opponents and generally he is disliked. Even though Mayweather did nothing but try to make this fight happens he comes out as the bad guy.

Pacquiao made this fight fall apart just as much as Mayweather did but his public perception hasn’t changed one bit. Maybe people should stop pointing the finger at Mayweather and took a good hard look at Manny Pacquiao.

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