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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just being real: Timothy Bradley calls Pacquiao-Clottey a ‘joke’, claims he’d beat Floyd Mayweather

In the March 2010 issue of The Ring magazine, WBO Jr. Welterweight champion Timothy Bradley goes in depth about his recent success in the sport and the newfound attention he is starting to receive as one of the sport’s finer pugilists. Bradley notes that he feels he came up the hard way much like Shane Mosley in that he came through the backdoor.

As the lengthy interview rolled on Bradley also talks about the love he gets from people in Mexico, fighting in ballrooms for short money and growing up in the ghetto. All the while Bradley refused to pull any punches and was extremely candid during his conversation with the Ring’s Joseph Santoliquito.

Bradley’s upfront nature boiled over when asked his thoughts on today’s current pound or pound king, Manny Pacquiao. When asked by Santoliquito if he would have been willing to fight Pacquiao if the chance presented itself the Palm Springs native was beyond adamant.

“It’s not even about the money,” Bradley stated. “I want to fight the best fighter in the world and I want to see if I can beat him. Manny is human just like I am. All I ask is an opportunity. I worked by butt off to get to the number-one spot just to fight him.”

As the world now knows, Pacquiao is set to face Accra, Ghana’s Joshua Clottey next weekend at Dallas Cowboys stadium. While it is a far cry from Pacquiao-Mayweather, a contest with Clottey has been looked at by many as a suitable replacement. Bradley however, isn’t too keen on the matchup.

“I don’t want to see Joshua Clottey and Pacquiao,” Bradley said boldly. “It’s a joke. Miguel Cotto beat Clottey and Pacquiao crushed Cotto. So what do you think Pacquiao will do to Clottey?”

With frustration apparent in his voice, Bradley continued to speak about his lack of chances to prove himself in the sport. At the end of the day all the 25-year old wants is a chance to show himself against the world’s best.

“It’s a matter of time that the guys who don’t want to fight me will one day fight me. If Floyd Mayweather doesn’t retire before I fight him, I’ll be the first man to beat him. I don’t want to be cocky; I’m just being real.”

Mayweather’s view

It’s slightly surprising to hear Bradley critique the Pacquiao-Clottey fight, especially off of the basis that Pacquiao crushed Cotto and will surely do the same to Clottey, who wasn’t able to defeat Miguel. The phrase ‘Styles make fights’ instantly pops up in one’s head but Bradley is entitled to his own opinion.

Bradley’s statements did spark my curiosity as to whether or not he would be a better opponent for Pacquiao than Clottey, who has shown himself to be durable and willing on the grandest of stages. Looking for a little bit of insight I asked one of Las Vegas’ top trainers, Jeff Mayweather, for his thoughts on who would be a better matchup for Pacquiao.

“To be honest I think Bradley would give him a better fight,” Jeff stated. “Clottey is primarily defense while Bradley is a little more offensive minded.”

Fair enough, but not wanting to let the subject die down I asked Mayweather who he felt had the better credentials thus far into their career, Timothy or Joshua. On this question Mayweather seems to take a different route.

“Honestly I think Clottey is more proven,” Jeff claimed. “He’s fought the higher caliber competition. Bradley really is in a division where there is nobody around him. I mean he’s a champion but who has he fought?”

In closing I asked Jeff for his opinion on what the future holds for Bradley. I also gathered his thoughts on how Bradley would fair against the likes of Pacquiao, Mayweather, Clottey and everyone else lurking around in the Welterweight class.

“Bradley’s a good fighter and he’s well conditioned. I think if he stays at 140 he can be a champion for a while because I don’t see many people in that division testing him. Now if he goes up to Welterweight that’s another story, I don’t think he’d have as much success there.”

Author: Chris Robinson

Source: examiner.com

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