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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pacquiao, Hopkins/Haye, Mayweather/Mosley, Pavlik, and more

Hopkins/Haye: A Bout In The Makin', or Sadly Mistaken?

With both Bernard Hopkins and David Haye already scheduled to take part in separate showdowns, the word around camp is that a future battle between the two is closer to reality than many seem to know. Hopkins has recently stated that he'd be open for such a matchup, and while Haye hasn't been too vocal about it, truth is, I'd have a hard time seeing him object to this possible match. It's somewhat normal for fighters to 'look ahead' and take their eyes off the task at hand, but Roy Jones jr. (for Hopkins) and Johnny Ruiz (for Haye) don't plan to lay down, and as funny as it may seem, it's not an impossible theory to see them both walking away with what most pundits view as colossal upsets. Most boxing notables fall miserably short at predicting the outcome of certain matchups when they include fighters who haven't looked great lately against those that have, but reality tells us that these two potential upsets waiting to happen couldn't be any closer to reality than the bread on the meat of your sandwich! Right now, the talk is Hopkins/Haye, but by the end of April, many of those same pundits may very well realize why the month in question (April) is most memorable for the FOOLS it contains! Stay tuned.

Pacquiao Will Need More 'Seconds' To Make 'First'

It was revealed earlier this week that Filipino Manny Pacquiao's target weight for the Clottey fight will be a full and firm 147lbs. Something he has never done in his career for a weigh-in. Of course this has a lot to do with the fact that he'll be facing the first opponent in his career that he has allowed to tip the scale at the weight. It's unknown how the extra two pounds will respond during the showdown, but from all accounts, Pacquiao has yet to lose steam in his fight camp. Trainer Freddie Roach speaks regularly about the fact that Pacquiao is comfortable at the welterweight limit, but before that comfort zone was accomplished at catchweights and even then it required a few hefty meals. Now that the bar has been raised, looks like the Pac-Man will have to gobble up a few more 'seconds' to prepare himself for this career first.

Pacquiao: One and Done?

Freddie Roach recently stated that this could very well be the last time that we see the tandem prepare for battle, as a failure to land Mayweather next would be the end, under the grounds that "there would be nothing else left to prove in the sport". Banned substances and all of the other questions aside, this tandem has given the sport some of its best moments in this recent era, and without them, it would leave certain fighters without a true gauge - as it relates to greatness. Fighters such as Mayweather, Valero, and maybe even Mosley. For now, the task at hand is Clottey, and overlooking this test could bring this possibility closer for reasons that remain totally unexpected. (Could be last fight - according to Freddie Roach)

Pacquiao Gives Blood....19 Days Before The Fight....Hmmm

Filipino Manny Pacquiao took part in the same physical examination and check up that every other fighter has to be part of prior to a showdown. The examination itself wasn't anything special, but the time frame in which it happened was....very! In Mayweather negotiations, Pacquiao stated that "couldn't do blood work within a certain time frame of the fight because it makes him weakened. He set a cut-off of 30 days until news surfaced that he did his blood work approximately 24 days prior to the Hatton showdown. The agreement of 24 days was the ultimatum....take-it-or-leave-it style. Well, on February 22nd, Pacquiao took part in this same procedure. That was 19 days before the fight, and 5 days outside of the 14day proposition that Mayweather requested. What was even more intriguing was that the VERY NEXT DAY he was said to have dismantled sparring partners with ease, making many wonder what happened to the weakened state that was said to have made him miss up to 3 days in an effort to recuperate in the past? I maintain that Pacquiao is innocent until proven guilty, but knowing that the first athlete in the history of sports recently popped on a randomized blood test for HGH's (a rugby player across the pond), one truly can't help but wonder why none of the options he agreed to allowed testing that would come without advance notice. I love the guy, but this is one issue he and I just won't ever agree on!

Pavlik/Martinez: Good Fight, Bad Decision (For Pavlik)

Looks like everything is solidified for the highly anticipated Sergio Martinez/Kelly Pavlik showdown. Ever since the Hopkins fight, many have felt that the 'Ghost' has been....well.....ghost....for lack of better terms. In and out of the ring, the actions surrounding Team Pavlik have been a bit skeptical and really make you wonder what's really going on. The matchup appears to be a good one on paper, but as we learn in this sport so often....paper burns! It would be nice to see the old Pavlik return, but considering the talent, determination and stamina of this gritty southpaw, this 'good' fight may have been a 'bad' decision. Stay tuned.

Bradley/Valero: A Battle of Two 'Grumpy Old Men'

A few days ago, promoters Bob Arum and Gary Shaw were said to be going back and forth negotiating a potential showdown between Valero and the greatly improved Timothy Bradley. Apparently, that dialogue was more one way than mutual, because it appears that Arum decided to go in another direction before Shaw ever received what he felt was a true response. The two sides have gone back and forth in the media about what "really happened", and somewhere between the two sides I'm sure is the truth. Trouble is, this is a fight that would be great for the sport, and rather than us getting to see the two stallions get busy, instead we have two old men fighting for the spotlight. I know this is an era of older competing athletes, but I'm afraid this drama takes the cake. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and the fight will be made.

Mayweather/Mosley: Let The Games Begin

Goldenboy Promotions have officially set the wheels in motion - as it relates to the promotion of what could be the companies biggest fight of the year. A multi-city promotional tour is set to kick off with stops in Washington D.C., New York City, and Los Angeles. Missing from this promotional tour is the overseas stop that Mayweather and Marquez made in England, but the reason for this probably has more to do with the fact that this fight needs very little introduction. Generally, Mosley is somewhat reserved, but this time around his mouth seems to be in working order and it'll be quite interesting to see how Mayweather responds standing across from a contemporary that seems just as live as he is for once. I'd step out on a limb and say that there's no fear factor between the two men, but with the promotion about to kick off and the fight shortly after, there's no better time than the present to let the 'games' officially begin!

Evander Holy-Phil: A Yes/No Scenario

Heavyweight contender Evander Holyfield has recently been in the news for his unfortunate, yet highly publicized marital issues. After a recent heated issue led to the courts, Holyfield and his wife decided to reconcile and try to get counseling....from a very popular source. Enter Dr. Phil. A man whose accomplishments would lead most to believe that he could lead them back to greener pastures. At first it was nice and bubbly, then the only thing to bubble was the tempers of Mr. and Mrs. Holyfield who agreed in the end that this household matter would be better handled by those within the house. Not too keen on the advice given or the way things unfolded, the couple has agreed to let go and let God, meaning that the Holyfields will say yes to being HOLY, and no to Dr. PHIL.

AUthor: Vivek Wallace

Source: 8countnews.com

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