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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Manny Pacquiao is ‘Finally’ getting mainstream coverage from the American media

Saying “it’s about time” that the mainstream American media finally covers Manny Pacquiao would be an understatement. However, this coverage reflects how phenomenal Manny Pacquiao has become. This coverage also signifies that Manny Pacquiao is truly one of the world’s greatest athletes and that it's time for America to welcome him into their homes.

60 Minutes
According to my Bob Arum in an interview with my prestigious colleague Michael Marley, “CBS is going to start shooting material next Sunday at Coach Freddie Roach's funky Wild Card Gym.” 60 Minutes is considered America’s top news investigative show which has been on the air for over 40 years. It reaches a vast audience that might not follow sports or boxing in particular. In fact, if done right, Manny Pacquiao’s elite athleticism, success, humanitarian accomplishments, and his faith can be exposed to millions of Americans that have very little idea of who he is or what he stands for. HUGE opportunity!!!

Good Morning America
"Good Morning America on the ABC network is also going to do something on Manny.” Bob Arum (source: Michael Marley, Boxing Examiner)
In addition to CBS’ “60 Minutes”, ABC’s “Good Morning America” will be doing a piece on Manny. “Good Morning America”, which began airing in 1975, is the #1 morning talk/news show in the country. This show typically targets the adult population before they go to work and/or the stay at home parents. It’s a unique opportunity for Pacquiao to once again receive exposure to a “population” that might not even know anything about boxing or Manny.

Nate Hoffman Sacramento, CA “How significant is this exposure for Manny Pacquiao?” Nate, this exposure is monumental. It will provide Manny an opportunity to gain exposure with American “populations” that aren’t your average sports fan. The majority of people who watch these shows are your average working class Americans who most likely don’t throw down the 40-50 bucks on a Boxing PPV. In fact, these populations typically only recognize celebrities or athletes when they appear on these shows. It’s a crossover into the average American household.

Jerry Smith Sacramento, CA "Hey Rick, it's about time the average American welcomes Pacquiao into their homes." Jerry you are correct. Let me be the first to congratulate Manny Pacquiao on this accomplishment. It signifies that he is finally getting the recognition from the American “mainstream” that he deserves. This is the type of exposure that can make Manny Pacquiao an icon in the eyes of Americans. It's About Time!!!

Author: Rick Rockwell

Source: examiner.com

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