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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Floyd Mayweather continues his 'Anti-Pacquiao' campaign

Floyd Mayweather is continuing his one man crusade against the drug problem in boxing one interview at a time, and predictably never misses an opportunity to bring Manny Pacquiao into the discussion.

Rather than concentrating on his upcoming fight against Shane Mosley, all Floyd seems to be doing lately is talking about Pacquio and how he backed out of the fight and wouldn't take what he called a '$20 million dollar drug test'.

Before Floyd makes anymore impassioned speeches about cleaning up boxing he should remember two things.

Firstly that Pacquiao has never tested positive for anything so continuously bringing him up and accusing him of backing out of the fight is rather moot.Secondly if anything Mayweather should be keeping quiet about drug use in the sport when he himself has been using a widely banned drug for most of his career.

Perhaps Mayweather thinks that by repeating the same answers over and over again to each interviewer he talks about, he can somehow turn public opinion in his favor. Clearly his baiting is having little effect on Pacquiao and his team, who appear to be making quick progress in preparing for Joshua Clottey.

Along with his recent comments about not caring about the fans and claiming that Manny needed him and not the other way around, Floyd just seems to be digging himself ever deeper into unpopularity.

Billy Rios, Baltimore, Maryland: "If Floyd is overlooking Shane with all this talk about Pacquiao he's in for a shock. I didn't have Shane winning this fight, but if Jr. doesn't focus and take is seriously he's in for a hiding"

I agree to an extent Billy, in that Floyd should drop all the Manny talk now that he has a fight on the horizon. I can't see him coming into the fight out of shape or not focused on the day though. All this talk about Pacquiao is probably just a weak attempt to get people to believe his accusations about Pacquiao.

There isn't any question that Floyd is a great fighter but he isn't going to convince anyone that he's better than a more exciting fighter willing to take on all comers with words alone. He can claim whatever he wants about Pacquiao, but until eh starts backing up his words in the ring there aren't many who will believe him. Even some of Mayweather's most ardent.

Darren Thorpe, Pittsburgh PA: "Why is Fraud (Floyd) so obcessed with Pacquiao, every interview all he talks about is Pacquiao, Shane Mosley barely gets a mention, seriously Floyd, let it go"

Also back by popular demand, I talked to that irascible rogue Bernie Walker again:

Bernie Walker, Pittsburgh PA: "I heard what everyone had to say, and I'm still right. Mayweather has the right to tell everyone how he got ducked by Manny. Notice nothing comes back from Manny? He knows he ducked Mayweather and thats all there is to say about it"

Author: Scott Heritage

Source: examiner.com

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