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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is Floyd Mayweather Sr dipping in the ‘cocaine cookie jar’ when he says Manny is ‘scared' & ‘stupid'

It’s been a few weeks but Floyd Mayweather Sr is back. No defamation suit can scare him off. In a recent interview, the elder Mayweather spoke out about the failed fight between his baby boy and Manny Pacquiao. As usual, Mayweather has an interesting take on the entire situation.

“They’re gonna fight. They’re not gonna take much blood out of you, talking that he gonna get weak before the fight. You’re gonna get weak after he tapped that as* so that’s what he is scared about." Mayweather Sr (source: ABS CBN News)
Let me bust out my Ebonics dictionary and make some sense of these comments. First, growing up in California, the phrase ‘tap that as*’ has a completely different meaning than how I “think” Floyd Sr might be using it. Now, I’m not going to expand on the different meaning but whatever definition you choose, I’m sure Manny is not afraid of it. Second, I don’t believe for one second that Manny Pacquiao is afraid of Floyd Mayweather Jr. The fight would be on if Mayweather would have agreed to Manny’s counter.

“Who wouldn’t fight for that kind of money, unless they’re dumb, stupid and crazy. I think it was $40 million, something like that. They will both get that kind of money.”
I think it’s clear by now that it’s not all about the Money for Manny. It’s about fighting the good fight. It’s about becoming a better boxer. It’ about reaching new levels as an athlete. It’s about personal challenges and growth. It’s about his faith. There’s nothing “dumb, stupid and crazy” about this. These things are honorable and respectable. I’m so tired of hearing “It’s all about the money” or “Show me the money”.
Jason Thomas Saramento, CA “Do you even understand what Floyd Sr says half the time?”
Jason, I have no clue most of the time what his logic is. But the bigger question here is “Does Floyd Sr even understand what he’s saying half the time?” I ask this because these latest comments make me think he’s dipping in the “cocaine cookie jar” again.

Carl Doyle Sacramento, CA “Does it bother you that Mayweather Sr keeps attacking Manny?”
To some degree, it’s disturbing. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. The thing that drives me crazy is when these Mayweathers make ignorant and hypocritical comments.

Author: Rick Rockwell

Source: examiner.com

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