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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Manny Pacquiao would fight Mayweather Jr for FREE, ‘Winner takes all’. Will Floyd accept?

In a startling announcement from Manny’s famed trainer Freddie Roach, the PacMan would be willing to fight Mayweather Jr for free with the winner getting the entire purse. Yes, that’s exactly what Freddie told the media. But would Floyd accept this challenge?

“We’ll fight him for free. Winner take all.”Freddie Roach, KTLA.com

Christopher Mayes Sacramento, CA “What do you think of the challenge that Roach made to Floyd?"

Some say it’s a media chess match between the camps of Manny and Floyd. Well, with the latest quote from Freddie, Manny’s camp just put Floyd in “check”. Now the question is, “how will Floyd respond?” Al Williams Sacramento, CA “Does Floyd just simply ignore this challenge from Roach?”

Unless Floyd can spin this scenario into something that makes him look good, then I think he will ignore this challenge from Roach. However, if he does ignore it, thenRoach and Manny’s camp need to go in for the kill with this like a shark that smells blood in the water.

This challenge is a perfect media shot that will bring the “public pressure” back on Floyd. When Floyd and his “thugs” tried to smear Manny in the media by accusing him of taking PEDs, it did put a lot of “public pressure” on Manny. Pacquiao has had to defend his innocence and file a defamation suit. It was an effective strategy by the Mayweather camp because Manny’s public image did take a small hit. But now, Freddie’s challenge will turn things around for Manny and Mayweather will once again feel the brunt of criticism.

Once the public starts chewing over what Roach said, they will start calling for an answer from Mayweather. The longer Floyd “runs” from this challenge the more foolish he would look and then his critics can jump up and shout “See, he’s always been scared to fight Manny.”

Folks, Roach’s challenge was ‘Brilliant’. He took it to Mayweather on the stage that Mayweather has made his personal playground, the media.

Mayweather recently said that it’s not about the money that it’s about an equal playing field; well let’s see if he will truly stand by those words when he realizes that he has a chance to make around $100 million if he were to win “Roach’s Challenge”.

Hey Readers, how do you think Floyd will respond?

Author: Rick Rockwell

Source: examiner.com

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