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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Do the public perceive Clottey as a big enough challenge for Pacquiao?

One of the biggest factors when it comes to selling a fight is whether people think the fight will be a close, competitive encounter.

Despite the fact that he has never been stopped, Joshua Clottey is regarded by many as being not enough of a challenge for Pacquiao at this stage. The fact is that he is a credible threat, although of course perception is everything when it comes down to the all pay per view sales.

There are plenty of people who will buy a Pacquiao fight no matter who he faces. As one of the most exciting fighters in the game today, there is rarely any disappointment with one of his fights win or lose. But there are others who will only pay to watch something which they think will be competitive.

Austin Bailey, Pittsburgh PA: "Is Clottey out of his depth or has he just been unlucky when he's fought the best fighters?"

Well the short answer is probably both, while he was unlucky against Cotto and Margarito, (his other loss being a disqualification to Carlos Baldomir), that doesn't mutually exclude the fact that he might look out of his depth against Pacquiao. Miguel Cotto who beat Clottey in a close fight last year had nothing for Pacquiao, and he was regarded as the man to beat in the division. As good as Pacquiao is at the moment, there might not be many people outside someone like Floyd Mayweather who can give him much trouble.

With Floyd Mayweather recently stating that he deserves a bigger share of the purse if he and Shane Mosley sell more than Manny and Clottey, pay per view sales are more important as ever for Top Rank. If they sell less, then Mayweather will have a built in excuse for not making the fight happen. The reason being that it's very unlikely Pacquiao would accept the smaller cut of the purse than Mayweather.

Therein Floyd Mayweather and his May dance partner Shane Mosley might have a distinct advantage. While most experts think Pacquiao will have too much for Clottey in the later rounds, opinions are more divided on Mosley being outclassed by Mayweather.

The Cotto fight by contrast was intriguing because there was the fact that Pacquao was moving up in weight and facing a genuine champion, and not everyone was sure he could do it. He'd beaten Oscar De La Hoya, but many regarded the ultra popular Golden Boy promotions founder to have passed his best.

During the training camps for March 13th's 'the event', Pacquiao has been described by various figures from within his inner circle as being close to ready a month ahead of fight time. At the same time Clottey was struggling with snow and visa issues in his New York training camp. Neither will probably amount to much difference at fight time, but it certainly can't be good press to make the fight seem one sided.

Perhaps Top Rank thinks that fans of the sport will know how good Clottey really is regardless of whatever happens i the background. Similarly they might also be hoping that fans of Pacquiao will buy any fight he's in and that the opponent isn't that important.

Pat Harris, Pittsburgh PA: "Do you think this pay per view stuff from Mayweather is just his usual bluster and a play for more money, or another excuse for him not to fight Pacquiao?"

It could well be both, if there's one thing Floyd Mayweather likes its getting richer, and fighting Manny is the quickest way to make that happen. In the end though, probably only a 50/50 split will have much chance of making the fight happen.

Les Brightmore, Pittsburgh PA: "Surely Clottey's a step down from Miguel Cotto who he beat and this win doesn't do much for Pacquiao?"

Well in terms of rankings Clottey is a step down from Cotto, but pretty much everyone would have been excluding Shane Mosley who was already fighting. What Clottey does bring to the table is a stylistically difficult fight for Pacquiao, who does his best work against aggressive fighters. Compare the Juan Manuel Marquez fights to when he fought either Hatton or Cotto and its easy to see which type of fighter Pacquiao struggles more against.

Author: Scott Heritage

Source: examiner.com

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