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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Filipino television says Pacman visibly shaken during blood tests

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Now see, it wasn't that hard after all. Manny Pacquaio objected to giving blood too close to his potential fight against Floyd Mayweather. He even said he was afraid of needles. Yesterday, was scary time for Pacman as he went through a battery of prefight tests and gave blood to determine if he was free of performance enhancing drugs.

Filipino television did a video feature covering the doctor's visit and claimed that Pacquiao was "visibly shaken" while giving blood. Do you see anything?

Maybe we missed it but maybe out of respect for the national hero, that part of the visit was left on the cutting room floor. Pacman trainer Freddie Roach has begun the prefight hype sounding confident his guy will get by Joshua Clottey on Mar. 13 in Dallas.

"Well, the more I watch Clottey, the more mistakes I find in him and I’m very confident Manny is going to knock him out and be the first person to knock him out," Roach said. "I know he [Clottey] has a good chin. He’s a tough guy and he’s a nice guy, but just studying the tapes of him, he won’t last 12 rounds with Manny Pacquiao in my opinion."

According to GMANews.tv, Pacman's entourage will hit Dallas on Mar. 8.

Author: Steve Cofield

Source: sports.yahoo.com

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