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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao : Enough already

Unless you live under a rock you probably already read the story, heard one of the many angles, listened to both side’s arguments and the respect each fighter feels they are being neglected or quite simply you unwillingly learned trivia on why Olympic style testing benefits or hurts a fighter. It is not just another fight it’s a spectacle of mighty and powerful proportions. However this entire circus act needs to stop before it permanently damages the sport of boxing. So while these serious accusations might not allow for an immediate solution, it almost seems like this entire debacle has been strategized to orchestrate even more media publicity.

Surely you think that I am joking but I can assure you that the fight was originally signed, sealed and delivered in such a proper and timely manner that you almost knew something was fishy. Why not make such a massive and festive event happen immediately? Both of them fought each other’s arch enemies tying up any lose ends of why they should fight one another. Manny eliminated the dangerous Miguel Cotto who had been on Floyd’s tail for some time and swallowed whole whatever spirit The Tijuana Tornado had not already consumed the summer of 2008. And to his credit, after easily disposing of Mexico’s current and best active fighter without breaking a sweat, Money May cashed the trash talking check that he wrote and made you wonder if an aging Marquez holds any relevance to his demand of a trilogy with the Pilipino that once sat him on his back leaving a still debated loss on his record. Why not put these stars in the ring if only for greed and because there is too much money not to be made. The answer traces back to the simple statement of how bad news is still that, news. Lawsuits spice this event up to give it more press than any 24/7 ever could. They are sad and public but nonetheless successful tactics spinning this tale vigorously only to probably have both teams magically settle out of court. Manny had every reason to win but no reason to lose. Now a slight cloud of doubt has been cast over the Pride of the Philippines and he has something to prove once again. Something that is personal. Manny has to win the fight and find a way to embrace these allegations to truly achieve the ultimate in iconic boxing status. Whether you argue for or against that is your cup of tea but everybody has an opinion. Floyd was reluctant at first to talk trash in the media yet has fully submerged himself into villain status on the level of the late Heath Ledger’s Joker, in the sense that you almost want to root for him when you know you shouldn’t. Make him pay for lying to us and stealing those precious $60.00 we cough up per PPV.

The fight or lack there off has become such a widely analyzed debate that even websites catered to other sports (soccer, MMA, etc.) are reporting /posting/blogging on the matter. This fight now has the storyline that it desperately needed to genuinely follow its classic predecessors. Ali vs. Frazier, Tyson vs. Lewis. One fighter gracefully will carry the halo as the other lurks somewhere in the shadows, it doesnt get any better. We will be presented the old undisclosed amount answer which will quickly be dwarfed by the fact that the fight is happening. Its on! Oh and the right location we shall see. Joshua fighting in Dallas against Manny is almost a test run to guarantee a massive success not a colossal failure. Floyd likes fighting here because its worth his while, a little something called income tax would keep him from messing with Texas. Dont be fool by his ploy that he wants to fight "at home", he is a Tiger by heart, not an Outlaw...he likes cashing his checks here so much that he moved though, you better believe it.

Puppet masters versus the casual fans, the difference can be a million light years away, or should I say a few million dollars away. Rest assured this fight will happen. Just not when we want it, but when they fee the beef is fully cooked to perfection.

Author: Armando Romo

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